Since 2015, IMBA's Future Leaders Program has provided excellent training for members in all the major components of mortgage banking, from the history of the industry, to origination, and all the way through servicing and payoffs. Recently, IMBA Executive Director Al Thorup interviewed the Founder of the Program, Scott Weghorst, President of Diehl Mortgage Training and Compliance.

Fall 2021 Future Leaders Class

Project Presentations

Future Leaders Program Curriculum

The IMBA Future Leaders Program consists of nine (9) modules, taught by industry professionals who are/were responsible for this function and have a proven track record of success and knowledge of the subject. 

Industry Overview & How the Modules Fit Together
This module will briefly explore the history of the mortgage industry and IMBA, with a focus on the development of the mortgage banking and government legislation/regulation in housing finance. Also included is a discussion on how all the pieces of the ‘mortgage puzzle’ fit together for success in today’s environment.

This module will go over the different channels of mortgage origination; retail, wholesale and correspondent, and the issues/challenges surrounding the successful origination of mortgage loans in the market. Also, the back office support and systems surrounding processing, underwriting and closing will be discussed.

Dealing with the complex issues of servicing mortgage loans from the point of funding through payoff will be addressed, including the overlays of industry regulations from the federal as well as state and local governments.

Covered in this module will be effective underwriting for default risk management and the avoidance of buybacks. This will include conventional as well as government loans in today’s environment with regard to QM, Fair Lending and Disparate Impact.

Secondary Marketing
Secondary marketing has been a key of successful mortgage banking historically and, recently, has been the subject of many controversies. In this module participants will learn how the secondary market function works to develop pricing for various products from investor sources, as well as lender portfolios.

Vendor Management/Settlement Services
Meeting the needs of consumers involves many industry players, and vendor relationships is an important part of mortgage banking. How to work effectively in this will be addressed by professionals in these industries.

This extremely important module will focus on understanding and working effectively within the framework of federal and state regulations as well as meeting consumer and market needs. As compliance has taken on a whole new meaning in these last few years and will continue to evolve beyond today.

Legislative and Regulatory Relations/Issues
The historical and current state of the legislative and regulatory environment at both the federal and state levels will be discussed. Also, a lot of time will be allocated to the future of this with the impact of the FHFA and the CFPB on the mortgage industry for lenders and vendors alike.

Management/Leadership/Ethics – ‘Big Picture’
Leading in today’s environment is both challenging and dynamic! The solutions are identifying and implementing key leadership skills within an ethical framework. In this module we will identify and discuss key leadership skills that impact the bottom line, along with an interactive discussion on ethics. Also, students will hear from an industry veteran whose view of the ‘Big Picture’ will inspire and provide insight to those attending! The instructor will discuss our industry’s place in the economy contribution to our culture.

Download the IMBA Future Leaders Program Curriculum.

Fall 2021 Future Leaders Class Photos

Daniel Baker of Edmonton State Bank.

Spring 2021 Future Leaders Class Photos

From left to right, Tony Tan, Adalie Hardwick, Courtney Parker, Jaelyn Voyles, and Christina McFadden of GVC Mortgage.
Ryan Evans of National MI.
Dave Gedde (left) with Sean Mickey of First Financial Bank (right).
From left to right, Shannon Jones, Lindsey Lanasa, and Dawn Gower of Centier Bank.

Past Future Leaders Class Photos

Fall 2018 Future Leaders class.
Fall 2017 Future Leaders class.
Spring 2017 Future Leaders class.
Fall 2016 Future Leaders class.
Fall 2015 Future Leaders class.
Fall 2019 Future Leaders Class.

Fall 2021 IMBA Future Leaders class, our latest graduates!


Daniel Baker, Edmonton State Bank Jennifer Jones, FORUM Credit Union
Ashley Breckner, Centier Bank Kathleen Kennedy, Indiana Members Credit Union
Jillian Brotan, Horizon Bank Sydnie King, Hallmark Home Mortgage
Lance Browning, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. Ashli Matson, National MI
Jennifer Cave, Jackson County Bank Anthony Ruiz, Settlement One
Keith Collins, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp Jon Sanders, Stock Yards Bank
Paige Conquest, Centier Bank Kay Searcy, Kentucky Housing Corporation
Jan Dobbyn, First Financial Bank Elizabeth Sexton, INHP
Ashley Dugan, Fancher Mortgage Michael Smith, Regulatory Solutions
Paula Eckert, Stock Yards Bank  Kerri Stone, The National Bank of Indianapolis
Alexandria Hayford, Interra Credit Union Denise Stucker, Kentucky Housing Corporation
Stephanie Hoetger-Moncayo, Teachers Credit Union Haley Tinsley, Hallmark Home Mortgage
Candace Johnson, Indiana Members Credit Union


Spring 2021 IMBA Future Leaders class


Dawn Gower, Centier Bank Jaelyn Voyles, GVC Mortgage
Lindsey Lanasa, Centier Bank Tracy Art, Hallmark Home Mortgage
Shannon Jones, Centier Bank Elizabeth Breacht, Hallmark Home Mortgage
William Carter, Citizens Union Bank Jodie Farrell, Hallmark Home Mortgage
Ryan Dinnegan, Citizens Union Bank Kara Haddix, Hallmark Home Mortgage
Kevin Greenwell, Citizens Union BankDustin King, Hallmark Home Mortgage
Todd McCullough, Citizens Union Bank Collin Leatherman, Hallmark Home Mortgage
Andrew Page, Citizens Union BankShawna McDonald, Hallmark Home Mortgage
Harry Seeger V, Citizens Union BankAngie Mckee, Interra Credit Union
Traci Tinsley, Citizens Union BankMichele Byer, Kentucky Housing Corporation
Sean Mickey, First Financial Bank (IN)Jamie Swindler, Kentucky Housing Corporation
Jamie Wages, Freedom MortgageJennifer Taylor, Kentucky Housing Corporation
Jared Miller, German AmericanRyan Evans, National MI
Adalie Hardwick, GVC MortgageJoshua Vaughn, Regulatory Solutions
Christina McFadden, GVC MortgageEmma Robinson, River City Bank
Courtney Parker, GVC MortgageRacee Greene, Stockton Mortgage
Tony Tan, GVC MortgageAbdul Muhammad, WesBanco Bank

Fall 2020 IMBA Future Leaders class


Mercedes Befus, Horizon BankCharles 'Brad' Howard, loanDepot
Theo Bishop, Ruoff Mortgage Tiffani Hyde, Freedom Mortgage Corporation
Scott Carter, Freedom Mortgage Kelly Lee, Commonwealth Bank & Trust
Josie Forsness, JCB Peggy Lieberman, Centier Bank
Christy Garton, Centier Bank Kolton McKinnies, Forum Credit Union
Jeffry Gentner, FHLBI Maria Rios, Hallmark Home Mortgage, LLC
Yamilka Gonzalez, Freedom Mortgage Jackson Schieferstein, Premier Bank
Stephanie Hargrave, River City Bank Brandi Vierling, INHP

Fall 2019 IMBA Future Leaders class


Daniel Acree, Freedom Mortgage
Sherry Loller, INHP
Lael Bender, Centier Bank Shelby Mansfield, Hallmark Home Mortgage
Steve Broviak, FHL Bank Indianapolis Jennifer McQuain, Mutual Bank
Aaron Chandler, Freedom Mortgage
Edith Melvin, The Nat'l Bank of Indianapolis
Danny Conroy, 1st Source Bank
Brendon Murray, Freedom Mortgage
Brad Ellett, Hallmark Home Mortgage LaQuanda Roar, Freedom Mortgage
Ashley Foor, Mutual Bank Maria Rothy, MutualBank
Jason Gray, Hallmark Home Mortgage
Craig Ryan, Freedom Mortgage
Taylor Herron, Hallmark Home Mortgage Anne Slagel, Hallmark Home Mortgage
Hannah Jozwiak, Hallmark Home Mortgage Elizabeth Vera, Mutual Bank
Searira Lewis, Freedom Mortgage Tami Wellbaum, The Nat'l Bank of Indianapolis

Fall 2018 IMBA Future Leaders class

IMBA President Chrissy Buchanan poses with the Fall 2018 students who participated in and completed another successful class!


Kevin Perez, First Merchants Bank Jon Gray, GVC Mortgage
Nicole Gilliland, Freedom Mortgage Alexandria Buck, Hoosier Hills Credit Union
Deshae D. O'Kelley, Freedom Mortgage Kim Sipes, Hoosier Hills Credit Union
Patricia/Dani Whiteman, Freedom Mortgage Alexandros Makridakis, ProFed Credit Union
Bradley Phillips, Freedom Mortgage Andrew Engle, The Nat'l Bank of Indianapolis
Gary Ford, Freedom Mortgage Beth Lindsey, The Nat'l Bank of Indianapolis
Lita Hughes, GVC Mortgage  

Fall 2017 IMBA Future Leaders class


Robin Collingsworth, Jackson County Bank Dan Komarchuk, Horizon Bank
Katelyn Cowan, Freedom Mortgage Tiffany Kryder, Freedom Mortgage
Charles Dayton, Centier Bank Peggy Loza, Horizon Bank
Jessica DeAnda, Freedom Mortgage Michelle Mazur, Centier Bank
Pamela DeLeeuw, First Merchants Bank Carla Morris, National Bank of Indianapolis
Erin Dobbs, GVC Mortgage Lisa Nelson, Freedom Mortgage
Susan English, Centier Bank Shannon Powell, Freedom Mortgage
Yolanda Estrada, Centier Bank Lee Robinson, INHP
Adriann Furniss, First Merchants Bank Corey Schairer, Freedom Mortgage
Kelly Hardin, National Bank of Indianapolis Rhett Sherrow, Freedom Mortgage
Jake Heffner, Freedom Mortgage Tanya Tarver, Freedom Mortgage
Diego Hollins, Freedom Mortgage Mitchell Wattleworth, GVC Mortgage
Mack Howell, PrimeLending Zak Werth, MGIC
Brandy Jones, Home Point Financial Amanda Young, Jackson County Bank

Spring 2017 IMBA Future Leaders class


Nancy Arterburn, Freedom Mortgage Derek Ringer, Chase
Kelsey Capps, Freedom Mortgage Thomas Rogers, Stonegate Mortgage Corp.
Gerald Frankhauser, Fairway Independent Mortgage Ryan Schulte, Tucker Mortgage, LLC
Sara Glass, Owen County State Bank Kelly Shafer, 3Rivers Federal Credit Union
Jason Harris, Centier Bank Lynne Tamanini, National Bank of Indianapolis
Keith Meiners, Stonegate Mortgage Corp. Brett Watkins, Freedom Mortgage
Andrew Murray, Stonegate Mortgage Corp. Ryan Woodruff, Mutual Bank
Carter Nimtz, Horizon Bank

Fall 2016 IMBA Future Leaders class


Angela Ashlcok, Hoosier Hills Credit Union John Kirk, GVC Mortgage Inc.
Joshua Hitzeman, Ruoff Home Mortgage Jas Singh, Centier Bank
Korbin Parr, First Merchants Bank Dorothy Dodd, Salin Bank & Trust
Amanda Champion, Hallmark Home Mortgage Kameron Kleveland, Freedom Mortgage
Eric Julian, Freedom Mortgage Diane Suveges, First Merchants Bank
Will Precup, Freedom Mortgage Parker Goodwin, Freedom Mortgage
Clayton Culhan, Freedom Mortgage Lisa Lykins, Stonegage Mortgage Corp.
Humail Khan, FORUM Credit Union Tiffany Vivirito, Freedom Mortgage
Stephanie Ragens, Hoosier Hills Credit Union Ryan Hanson, Freedom Mortgage
Irasema Del Toro, Centier Bank Gary Mead, Freedom Mortgage

Fall 2015 IMBA Future Leaders class has been completed with 17 graduates below!

We are happy to have another successful course completed and want to congratulate the following students, listed in alphabetical order, for their success in completing this course:


Angela Affolder, ProFed Credit Union Stacy Frazier, INHP
Sarah Keefer, ProFed Credit Union Lisa Matthews, Freedom Mortgage
Brad Spiker, Freedom Mortgage Jeannie Vester, Lafayette Community Bank
Jessica Bigham, First Merchants Bank Vanessa Frost, INHP
Jinger Knight, Hoosier Hills Credit Union Danielle Morris, German American Bank
Honey Stewart, Hoosier Hills Credit Union Rob Wilson, Arch MI
April Bonner, GVC Mortgage Carmen Gonzalez, Ruoff Home Mortgage
Lauren Marcus, Diehl & Associates Bill Reeves, INHP
Brandon Vance, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union

We also want to thank our instructors for this program as they did a great job in preparing for and delivering their presentations in their various areas of expertise. They provided a significant amount of value with both describing what their responsibilities are on day-to-day basis as well as real-life experiences they have encountered in their jobs!


Les Acree, Freedom Mortgage Rob Green, GVC Mortgage
Diane Archer, Genworth Larry Grubbs, Hearthside Advisors, LLC*
Bill Cady, Freedom Mortgage Carol Madden, Union Home Mortgage
Craig Callahan, Floodplain Consultants Tonya Ott, Chicago Title
Tom Dinwiddie, Wooden & McLaughlin, LLP Josh Spoonamore, Spoonamore Real Estate Services
Greg Dugger, FORUM Credit Union Alan Thorup, AT Professional Services
Len Fischer, First Financial Bank* Shelly Werner, CBC Innovis
John Flatt, Nelson & Frankenberger, P.C. Meredith Wilson, Retired*

*Past President of IMBA


Finally, we want to also thank the following sponsors for their financial support of the program; Union Home Mortgage, Essent Guaranty and Freedom Mortgage!

Student Graduates of the 1st Class - Spring 2015

The first class of the IMBA Future Leaders Program graduated at the 2015 IMBA State Convention. Students in this first class are listed below and the Association is also very appreciative of the members who participated in getting this program to fruition as a committee, as well as the instructors. All of those listed below volunteered a significant amount of their time to provide the association, and industry, an opportunity to further educate IMBA members to better serve the housing needs of Hoosiers!


Deb Allaben, Essent Guaranty Ben Paden, Doyle Legal Corporation
Chris France, Centier Bank Neil Church, Hallmark Home Mortgage
Jon Lehrman, First Republic Mortgage Alyssa Jay, 3 Rivers FCU
Tonya Brown, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union Greg Pilling, Teachers Credit Union
Jon Halliwill, Centier Bank Danielle Conner, Owen County State Bank
Blake Music, Ruoff Home Mortgage Steve Jones, First Merchants Bank
Bryan Burke, Fifth Third Bank Abhay Rattan, Freedom Mortgage
Angel Hensley, Bloomfield State Bank Palak Effinger, INHP
Jennifer Pack, Centier Bank Austin Jordan, FORUM Credit Union
Bill Cady, Freedom Mortgage Austin Smith, Stonegate Mortgage
Michael Holl, Tucker Mortgage


Bob Wampler, American Mortgage Service Co. (Chair) Clint Morgan, Ruoff Home Mortgage
Debra Bass, 1st Source Bank Anthony Ruiz, Credit Plus
Tom Dinwiddie, Wooden & McLaughlin, LLP Chris Shrader, Stonegate Mortgage
Palak Effinger, INHP

Scott Weghorst, Diehl & Associates

Dave Miller, RADIAN Meredith Wilson, Retired

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