President's Message - February 2021

February 04, 2021 9:42 AM | Wendy Bayley (Administrator)

Welcome to 2021!  We made it!  We have vaccines being distributed, positive Covid cases on the decline and HOPE that normalcy will come before the end of the year! 
I for one am excited about our 2021 as the IMBA as we hope to get back to in-person meetings later in the year and adding value face to face!  As an added bonus we have signed a mutually beneficial agreement with the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America (NAMMBA) to be able to cross-promote and share value with each other’s membership.  This is a great endeavor as we continue to strive to further diversify our industry and foster a culture of inclusion with the IMBA.  Again, I’m excited!

To those that have renewed your membership for 2021, we thank you.  For those that have forgotten, this is your reminder, get those dues in!  And for those few that have perhaps opted not to rejoin the organization, we’d ask that you reach out to us and let us know why, we’re always trying to improve.  Your dues are necessary to allow us to work for you for the betterment of our statewide industry, we thank you all for your continued commitment.

New URLA…….. if any of you are saying, “What’s that?” then God help you because we cannot!  For the rest of you, leading into our March deadline to implement new URLA, we all been configuring systems, testing, training, reconfiguring, testing, and training some more.  Now, we flip the switch and hope for the best.  Years ago when flat screen TV’s first came out, I bought one of the first models.  It weighed about the same as a VW bus.  I hung the mount on the wall, checked three times to make sure I was anchoring into a stud, I even hung from the mount myself to be certain.  Then my brother-in-law and I lift this monster of a TV up, hang it on the wall, but neither of us let go…we just looked each other in the eye and giggled, both too nervous to let go.  That’s where we are with New URLA, all configured, tested, and trained, but scared to death to let go and see what happens.  I wish you all luck and know that your hard work will pay off, and when this hurdle is complete, guess what?  Yup, something else will change in the industry and the IMBA will be right here again to help each other through it!

Welcome to 2021, be EXCITED………. Because it doesn’t do any good to be worried…….

Bryan Traylor, CMB, AMP
Centier Bank
2020/2021 IMBA President

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