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  • April 30, 2021 11:43 AM | Wendy Bayley (Administrator)

    One of our initiatives this year has been to start utilizing videos for many of our communications, which started with our membership video that is now on our website landing page and membership page. We have also set up a YouTube channel where this video is at, as well as others that include our Future Leaders Program, and, our current Member Spotlight (Diehl Mortgage Training & Compliance).

    In addition to these, I am sharing my President's Message this month with you that can be accessed by clicking here:

    Bryan Traylor, CMB, AMP
    Centier Bank
    2020/2021 IMBA President

  • February 04, 2021 9:42 AM | Wendy Bayley (Administrator)

    Welcome to 2021!  We made it!  We have vaccines being distributed, positive Covid cases on the decline and HOPE that normalcy will come before the end of the year! 
    I for one am excited about our 2021 as the IMBA as we hope to get back to in-person meetings later in the year and adding value face to face!  As an added bonus we have signed a mutually beneficial agreement with the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America (NAMMBA) to be able to cross-promote and share value with each other’s membership.  This is a great endeavor as we continue to strive to further diversify our industry and foster a culture of inclusion with the IMBA.  Again, I’m excited!

    To those that have renewed your membership for 2021, we thank you.  For those that have forgotten, this is your reminder, get those dues in!  And for those few that have perhaps opted not to rejoin the organization, we’d ask that you reach out to us and let us know why, we’re always trying to improve.  Your dues are necessary to allow us to work for you for the betterment of our statewide industry, we thank you all for your continued commitment.

    New URLA…….. if any of you are saying, “What’s that?” then God help you because we cannot!  For the rest of you, leading into our March deadline to implement new URLA, we all been configuring systems, testing, training, reconfiguring, testing, and training some more.  Now, we flip the switch and hope for the best.  Years ago when flat screen TV’s first came out, I bought one of the first models.  It weighed about the same as a VW bus.  I hung the mount on the wall, checked three times to make sure I was anchoring into a stud, I even hung from the mount myself to be certain.  Then my brother-in-law and I lift this monster of a TV up, hang it on the wall, but neither of us let go…we just looked each other in the eye and giggled, both too nervous to let go.  That’s where we are with New URLA, all configured, tested, and trained, but scared to death to let go and see what happens.  I wish you all luck and know that your hard work will pay off, and when this hurdle is complete, guess what?  Yup, something else will change in the industry and the IMBA will be right here again to help each other through it!

    Welcome to 2021, be EXCITED………. Because it doesn’t do any good to be worried…….

    Bryan Traylor, CMB, AMP
    Centier Bank
    2020/2021 IMBA President

  • December 31, 2020 11:10 AM | Wendy Bayley (Administrator)

    Dear IMBA Members,

    What a year 2020 has been!  Well, you’re almost to the end, so hang in there and we’ll get through this together!  Do you know what was different this year?..... VIRTUALLY everything!  Literally, meetings, school, concerts, board meetings, even doctor appointments, everything was virtual this year!

    The IMBA was no exception, we hosted webinars, virtual chapter meetings, Future Leaders via Zoom, and even held our annual IMBA Convention virtually…… and you know what, we did pretty good!  Is it the same? No.  I sincerely miss meeting with my industry friends, peers, vendors, and even friendly rivals.  You all are what makes this organization so great, it’s the collective value of the group, and I can’t wait to get back together in person in 2021! (Fingers Crossed)

    Speaking of the Future Leaders, if you have an employee that went through the Future Leaders class this fall, make sure you congratulate them.  They were awesome and handled the virtual format like champs.  We should all be very proud of their efforts as well as those of the instructors.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this 2021 class of the Future Leaders. 

    What next?

    In the coming months the IMBA will be working together with peer organizations and our representatives to repeal SB 340, that has caused much debate, confusion, and unnecessary complications to our closing process statewide.  All of this from the change of the word “or” to “and” …. It’s never boring, is it?

    At the Board level we are working through options to pave a path forward for the next five years.  We’re reviewing our options, and are putting together plans that will continue the IMBA into the future once the inevitable happens………. Did you guys know that Al thinks we’ll let him retire one of these days?! 

    In 2021 we will begin the year much the way we have spent 2020, continuing to offer virtual education events, conferences, and networking.  I think we’re all optimistic that by mid-to-late year of 2021 we will begin to have in person events once again, and in the words of my 1st grade son, “Once Covid is over there’s going to be a lot of people with broken arms from all the hugs!” 

    Be proud of yourself, your company, your industry, and this organization.  Together we’ve made it through a completely unforgiving 2020 and we didn’t just survive, did it in record style!

    Here’s to you 2021, we can’t wait to meet you.  And to you 2020, in the words of Curly Bill Brocius in the 1993 movie, Tombstone.  “Well…….bye”.

    Happy Holidays to you all,

    Bryan Traylor, CMB, AMP
    Centier Bank
    2020/2021 IMBA President

  • October 31, 2020 12:45 PM | Wendy Bayley (Administrator)

    My fellow members,

    I am happy to bring to you some very positive news as we enter the 4th quarter of 2020, the year we’ll never forget!  As we find our way through a year like none other, I’m happy to report that we are in a solid financial standing as an organization thanks for your continued commitment to the organization and the financially responsible decision making of our prior Boards and our Executive Director, Al Thorup. 

    We are committed to our members this year and will continue to both offer great educational opportunities virtually as well as represent your best interests in the state legislature.  The IMBA is focused on repealing the “Witness Rule”, SB 340, in the 2021 Legislative Session and are partnering with the Indiana Land Title Association to make sure that happens for the best interest of both organizations’ membership. 

    A renewed focus on Social Media has really picked up this year, I’d encourage you to go join the LinkedIn group for the IMBA and “Like” the IMBA Facebook page as well.  These tools are more important than ever to stay connected as an organization through virtual means, while in-persona social opportunities remain limited.

    Thank you for your upcoming membership renewal and please, feel free to reach out if you would like to get further involved in the IMBA or have any suggestions for ways to add value for your organization.


    Bryan Traylor, CMB, AMP
    Centier Bank
    2020/2021 IMBA President

  • August 11, 2020 2:07 PM | Wendy Bayley (Administrator)

    IMBA membersI want to first thank you for the many congratulatory emails I received last month in response to being named President, it is greatly appreciated. 

    The Board of Directors met this past week virtually for our annual planning meeting.  We’ve come out of that meeting with an agreed direction to add value through technology during the coming months.  This includes webinars, virtual meetings, and even our annual conference to be held virtually!  I’d encourage you to take advantage of the virtual conference cost and time savings to “send” more of your team using the Company registration option!  This is a great chance to get your whole team involved in the IMBA!

    Al also made the perhaps ill-advised decision to allow me to be an administrator on the IMBA Facebook account, so watch that page for announcements, news, and perhaps a funny moment here and there.  If you have any news within your organization that you’d like to share on our page, please send either Al or myself an email, my email address isbtraylor@centier.comwith the news you’d like shared.  This could include new hires, promotions, philanthropic efforts, etc. 

    Keeping with the Virtual theme, the IMBA will also be offering a Virtual Future Leaders class this fall. This is again a great opportunity to be able to send additional participants that may not have been able to attend due to travel previously.  Look for an email in the coming weeks to register for that great class.

    Lastly, we are in the process of filling committee roles within the organization.  If you’d like to get more involved in the IMBA (and who wouldn’t want to?) please reach out to Al and have a discussion about where you may fit the best.  For information on the committees you can volunteer for, as well as the form to fill out to do so, click hereWe’re always eager to get perspectives of some new blood on our many committees.

    I look forward to seeing and hearing from many of you virtually as the year progresses.

    With much respect,

    Bryan Traylor, CMB, AMP
    Centier Bank
    2020/2021 IMBA President

  • July 20, 2020 3:59 PM | Wendy Bayley (Administrator)
    IMBA members, first and foremost, I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve as President of the Board of Directors for the next 12 months.  I also want to thank my predecessor, Palmer Myers, for his leadership over the previous year and his continued dedication to the State Board and his ongoing leadership of the NWI Chapter.  I look forward to helping navigate the association during this “Business Unusual” period. 

    When I was asked last year about what I might want to accomplish as President, I had a lot of goals related to in-person lobbying efforts, boosting event attendance, and getting more personal engagement from our members.  Well, now that I’ve stepped into this role I know that the reality is that the world changes and we have to be adaptable, now more than ever.  The pandemic that we continue to live through has changed everything, not just for the association, but truly EVERYTHING!  There is no playbook for how to handle this as an association, so my promise to you is to assist the association to:

    • Keep you informed of industry changes, being regulatory or economic climate.
    • Lobby to our political leaders in any way we can for the betterment of our industry.
    • Continue to show the value of membership with increased virtual learning and networking opportunities.
    • Work with the Board of Directors to craft a long-term plan for what this association will look like in five years. 

    We are so fortunate to be in an industry that has not only been able to survive a pandemic, but to thrive in it.  We have an opportunity as an industry to heal some old wounds and be a leader in pulling our economy, both local and national, out of this pandemic in the coming months and years. 

    We work in the best industry, with the best people.  Thank you all for doing your part. 

    With much respect,

    Bryan Traylor, CMB, AMP
    Centier Bank
    2020/2021 IMBA President

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