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Indiana State Legislative Update January 13, 2022

January 13, 2022 4:26 PM | Deleted user


The General Assembly officially started the 2022 session on Tuesday, Jan. 4. This year’s session is considered a “short session”, a term associated with the end date which occurs on March 14 this year. This provides lawmakers just under two and half months to enact legislative priorities. 

Committee work on introduced bills has until the last week in January to hear, amend, and vote any bills assigned to the committee of jurisdiction. With just under four weeks to hold committee meetings, many committees started last week with initial hearings on a number of bills. The IMBA was engaged in several bills heard in committee and are noted below. Over 550 bills have been filed to date. We expect many more to be released in the coming days as the bill filing deadline is Jan. 7 for the Senate and Jan. 11 for the House. The IMBA Legislative team is busy reviewing legislation and providing initial feedback to lawmakers on bills already filed.


HB 1001 – Administrative Authority, COVID-19 Immunizations

Rep. Matt Lehman (R-District 79)

What you need to know
The bill is divided into two main parts. The first part of the bill places in statute language that is needed to claim certain enhanced federal matching funds available to the Medicaid program in the absence of an executive order. The second part of the bill places new requirements on employers that mandate vaccinations as a condition of employment. The IMBA is concerned about the impact and cost that these new requirements will have on financial institutions.

Latest action
The bill was amended and passed from the House Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee by a vote of 7-4. It is now eligible for amendments by the full House on second reading.

Learn more about HB 1001

HB 1002 – Various Tax Matters

Rep. Timothy Brown (R-District 41)

What you need to know
The bill includes the House approach to reducing Indiana taxes by $1 billion. Notable changes include the elimination of the business personal property tax and the utility receipts tax. The IMBA is monitoring the legislation. 

Latest action
The bill was assigned to the House Ways and Means Committee and is awaiting a hearing.

Learn more about HB 1002

HB 1034 – Tax Increment Financing

Rep. Jerry Torr (R-District 39)

What you need to know
The bill clarifies existing statute regarding the lien priority of a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) agreement. TIFs currently have a priority over all other interests based on the alignment with property taxes. The IMBA is closely monitoring the bill to ensure no other changes are proposed related lien priority. The IMBA is neutral on the clarification. 

Latest action
The bill was heard in the House Ways and Means Committee on Jan. 6. The bill was held and will be brought back for a vote this week.

Learn more about HB 1034

HB 1092 – Business Association Matters

Rep. Robert Heaton (R-District 46)

What you need to know
The IMBA is reviewing the proposed changes in the bill as it relates to loan brokers, first mortgage licensees, and the new standard of a third-party solicitor.

Latest action
The bill is assigned to the House Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee where it is scheduled for a hearing on Jan. 11.

Learn more about HB 1092

SB 62 – Sale of Tax Sale Properties to Nonprofits

Sen. Michael Young (R-District 35)

What you need to know
The introduced version of the bill is drafted in a manner that could limit the notification a lender receives regarding a property that is in tax sale. It is also drafted to create a new process that would be established by the County Executive. The bill is being advocated for by the Marion County Treasurer and several community development corporations seeking to address blight. The IMBA is working with all parties to address the notification issue and ensure that the bill does not make an already cumbersome process more difficult.

Latest action
The bill was assigned to the Senate Local Government Committee.

Learn more about SB 62

SB 67 – Small Estates

Sen. Timothy Lanane (D-District 25)

What you need to know
Unsecured creditors must be aware of any changes to the amount in the small estate affidavit. The process for collection under a small estate is different when no lien or encumbrance is present. The IMBA is neutral on the legislation. 

Latest action
The bill was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Jan. 4. It will be offered for amendment and vote on Jan. 11. 

Learn more about SB 67


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