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Indiana State Legislative Update February 14, 2023

February 14, 2023 2:44 PM | Deleted user


Lawmakers have entered the final stretch for committee work for the first half of session.

Committees hold their final hearings this week and into next week. Committee reports for the

House are due on February 21 and February 23 for the Senate. Bill authors have until the end of February to move bills past 3rd reading. The IMBA Government Relations team will continue to monitor legislation for problematic amendments throughout the process. 

To view the IMBA’s complete bill track list for the 2023 Indiana Legislative Session, click here.


HB 1157 – Residential Housing Development Program

Rep. Justin Moed (D-Marion County)

What you need to know

The IMBA is NEUTRAL on HB 1157. The bill adds Marion County to the statewide residential TIF program. Marion County was inadvertently left out of the statewide TIF program when it passed several years ago.

Latest action

The bill passed third reading in the House 91 – 0. It now awaits Senate action.

Learn more about HB 1157

SB 296 – Sale of Tax Delinquent Real Property

Sen. Eric Koch (R-Brown, Jackson, Lawrence, Monroe & Orange counties)

What you need to know

The IMBA SUPPORTS this legislation. It makes it clear that the third-party interests do not get wiped out by a tax sale. The statute already provides that easements do not get wiped out, and it is logical to treat other third-party rights the same way.

Latest action

The bill was heard in the Senate Judiciary on February 8 but did not receive a vote.  In a second hearing on February 15, it was amended to remove the additional notice provision prior to tax sale. 

Learn more about SB 296

SB 385 – Floodplain Disclosures

Sen. Jeff Raatz (R-Franklin, Henry, Union & Wayne counties)

What you need to know

The IMBA is monitoring SB 385. The bill requires an owner of residential real estate to disclose on the sales disclosure form if any portion of the real estate is located in a floodplain in response to the DNR’s floodplain maps. It also repeals a statute concerning floodplain mapping.  

Latest action

The bill was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee February 8 but did not receive a vote.   

Learn more about SB 385

SB 477 – Threats to Critical Infrastructure

Sen. Justin Busch (R-Allen & Whitley counties)

What you need to know

The bill places restrictions on the ability of certain foreign individuals to purchase property around a military installation.  The IMBA is reviewing but there could be potential issues with non-disclosure of nationality related to voiding the transaction.  In addition, seeking such information would be considered a violation of the Fair Housing Act.

Latest action

The bill passed the Senate on February 6, 42 – 7. It is now eligible for legislative action in the House. 

Learn more about SB 477


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